Casa Rapita
Casa Rapita Design of a Mediterranean summer house for a family of 4 with limited sea views on site. Proposal
Casa Colorado
Casa Colorado Design of House-Villa for a couple with an internal patio, two studies, cinema room and guest area. Proposal
Shelter Experimental design for a bioclimatic and self-supportive structure.
Lusail F+P
Lusai. Foster+Partners Design of four 316m High Rise Towers at new Qatar city Lusail.  Role: Tower shape design, coordination of the structural and architectural scheme. Interoperability, 3D Printing. 
F+P Mumbai Tower
F+P Mumbai Tower Construction of a 330m High Rise building in Mumbai, India. 121300sqm (69000sqm residential + 52300sqm parking) Responsible for BIM Structural model, drawings and architecture/structure coordination for Concept and Scheme Design.
Vatican Chapel
Vatican Chapel Pavilion for the Vatican at Venice Biennale 2018.  Role: Design of the tensegrity.
Domo Research. Norman Foster Foundation
Domo Researh. Norman Foster Foundation Research for Norman Foster Foundation on domes in history and production of the 3D digital model and the 3D printed model. Role: researcher, 3d modelling 
Prado Museum
Prado Museum. Foster+Partners Refurbishment of the historic Hall of Realms. Role: Architect for the structural team, during developing of Integrated Concept Design. Part in Design and 3D Modelling  of the featured Roof
Ningbo Apple Store
Apple Store Ningbo. Foster+Partners Refurbishment of an existing building to integrate a four-storey Apple store including front-of-house, back-of-house and service areas.  Role: Architect within the internal structural team, responsible for coordination, 3D Model, Concept, Scheme, Detail, and Construction design drawings deliver. 
Second Skin
Second Skin A second skin, which, on a degraded surface, adapts and regenerates itself. A large continuous gridshell as a roof of sinusoidal character, passable, rests on the ground merging with it, and takes advantage of the difference in elevation of the plot with the street to shelter under its protection uses of social, cultural […]
Casa Andraxt
Casa Andraxt Role: Visualizations.
Hospital Universitari de Son Espases. Dragados S.A.
Hospital Universitari de Son Espases. Dragados S.A. Principal hospital of the Balearic Islands in Palma de Mallorca. 174.000 sqm floor area+63.300 sqm parking area. 183167712 € Role Drafting Team Manager for the main contractor during on-site works. Management of 10 people drafting team. Project drawings review. Generation of construction documentation and elaboration new construction drawings. […]
Sol de Mallorca. Dragados S.A.
Sol de Mallorca. Dragados S.A. 6 isolated blocks of 96 housing, swimming pools and sports areas in Calviá (Mallorca): 19.762 sqm floor area+4.110 parking area). 21987304 € Role Design Team Manager for the main contractor during the construction phase. Full project review and amends, measurements and bid. Shop drawings.
Teatre Principal. Dragados S.A.
Teatre Principal. Dragados S.A. Renovation of 1857 Theatre. 12.000 sqm floor area. 14485000 € Role: Design Team member for the main contractor during on-site works. Measurement control. Shop drawings . Quality control